From Paris to Bangkok we all noticed some climatic changes. In the last few years summer became more and more hot, while other seasons became really strange. Unexpected temperature changes from day to day in fall and spring, and sudden hot weather in winter. The last christmas (2016/12/25 for the readers of the future) in north Italy was really hot. Temperatures raised above 20° celsius in the days from the 24th to the 27th. For some regions like Australia these could be normal measurements, but in central europe temps should be way below the 10° celsius.
Is it the beginning of a post apocalyptic sci-fi film, or just one of the reasons for life decay in metropolitan areas? Climatic changes aren’t dangerous just for natural ecosystem, but also for the modern, high-tech cities.
In our lives we rely in a series of tecnological devices that became more and more a piece of ourselves. There are hardwares that makes houses live, shops and malls have their own atmosphere. Certains flats owns a real, auto-sufficient ecosystem. All of this just thanks to technological devices that alters and filters air, water, light. And like human beings those pieces of hardware relies on a central system, a computer, which acts as a brain.


But we all know that electrical devices generates heat, which needs to be dispersed, since heat corrodes electronic hardware and leads to fire. Heat its like a fever for electronic devices. Climatic changes affects directly electronics and computer: in summer air-conditioning becomes vital for human beings, as well as for machinery. Cooling systems in warm seasons remains online 24/7, consuming energy and contaminating air. This starts a vicious cycle of pollution and heating up that leads to more intensive usage of air-conditioning and cooling systems that can’t be stopped without consequences on our high-tech dependent lives.
We need to cool down our computers to use them, but the pollution of cooling systems makes the weather more hot, so it’s harder to cool down our systems and it takes more and more energy. It’s sick, like a fever.




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